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Zeus is named after his Grandfather the Greek God Zeus. He's a bit conceited because of his looks but he'll help a friend in need anytime, anywhere. He loves being the center of attention just like Cleo de Nile, maybe that's why they're friends.

Physical Description

Zeus had short black hair with a white blonde fringe and green eyes. He's fit and perfectly muscular for a 17-year-old. He wears a red v-neck top and black skinny jeans and high top converse with a black tie


Family He loves his mother very much, except when she brings home some guys who just wants her for her good looks. They have an open relationship, he tells her everything, his mother actually had loads of man she had children with, he has no clue how many siblings he has, but he knows he has some.


Well he has two main best friends Cleo and Deuce. They are the rulers of Monster High. He doesn't open up to anyone much. He actually has 2 enemies Isis de Nile(despite the fact she's Cleo's little sister) and Spectra Vondergiest.


Zeus has gone out with many girls at Monster High. He liked them at first then realized they just wanted him for popularity and dumped them.



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