Zenovia Song is the extremely insane Siren, who also happens to be extremely smart. She would be smartest student at Monster High if it wasn't judged on the way you act too.


Zenoiva has two very different personalities. One comes out while thinking deeply and writing, that one is genius. The other takes over the rest of her, that ones is very similar to a five year old girl. Zenovia has higher grades than Ghoulia Yelps, but no one, not even the teachers believe it's possible for a girl who acts the way Zenovia does can get grades as high as she does. The five year old girl side of her is the one who makes her wear such bizarre clothing and have many contacts so she never has the same eye color. The five year old side also makes her participate in holidays she and her friends made up.



Nothing is known about her birth parents besides her mom was a siren, and Daphne Jones is a daughter of Zenovia's birthmother. Zenovia is known to live in her 27 year old cousin, Callidora's house. Her cousin is known to work at the recording company Toxic Tunes.


Zenovia doesn't choose to have best friends. She mainly calls people just friends. She is currently in the group of Sadie Skeletol, Luna Fangs, Elpidia West, and Jovie Wocky.


Zenovia is not interested in guys, though when Elpidia West got into a fight with her boyfriend which she happened to be near by Elpidia said she'd rather date Zenovia. Now Zenovia is led to think she's dating Elpidia, and for the fun of it Elpidia plays along.