Xavier Pix is the son of a pixie (dad) and a werewolf (mom), possibly the couple from the Twilight-Glee crossover fanfiction on, Tulips Bloom to See Your Beauty, Boo.

He has a habit of giving everyone he meets nicknames. Because of his little-too-diverse genes, his physical appearance could be described as deformed, or, if you were as mean as Cleo De Nile (Cruella Devile), mutant-like. His friends are Lagoona Blue (Goona), Frankie Stein (Stitchie Frankie), Draculaura (Aura), Clawdeen Wolf (Deedee), Jackson Jekyll (Jacky), and Holt Hyde (Jacky the Second).

His crush is Ghoulia Yelps (Lovely Lia), even though he has no idea what she is saying at times.

He has shimmering ivory hair, tan skin, yellow wolf-like eyes, and wears bright yellow glasses. His pixie wings are covered with white fur.