Wynona Vern is a hot tempered firebomb. She as a habit of jumping right in without thinking about the consequnces. The only thing she really thinks through are heists and revenge. Go figure.


The wyvern was an evil dragon of medieval folklore who often preyed on villages for food. They are usually depicted as great, green, winged creatures that smell bad and have "pot bellies."


FAMILY Wynona has a very...strained...relationship with her father, however she does love him. She lives with her father, Wayne Vern, and her mother, Winifred Vern. FRIENDS Wynona is typically a loner, however she does consider Luna Moon her BMFF on occasions. PETS Thief is Wynona's ferret who is good at pickpocketing.


Wynona is openly lesbian and is currently in a relationship with Lupa Claw, her former rival.


Wyonona Vern

Wynona Basic

BASIC Wynona's basic outfit consists of black boots, denim running shorts, an orange tee, and black leather fingerless gloves.

Wynona Vern DotD

Wynona Dawn of the Dance

DAWN OF THE DANCE Wynona's Dawn of the Dance outfit consists of black and yellow/orange boots, and a skin-tight black dress with flame designs on the left side and an orange sleeve that covers her entire arm