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Willow Wisp
Monster High Student
Age 152
Monster Parent Daughter of the Will-O-The-Wisp
Killer Style I'm almost always wearing my lantern neklace cause it was a gift from my parents. When I was little I really hated that I glowed, so they gave me this necklace to help me to embrace my glow. i like Vistorian inspired clothes, with a creepy cute twist. Also, I always make sure to wear plenty of layers. I love taking pictures and I never know when I'll have to run to the dark room to develop some of them.
Freaky Flaw Iglow in the dark. Well technically I glow all the time, but... It makes it monster hard to go the movies, even whe I'm wearing a bunch of layers! On the other hand, at least I'll never need a flashlight and I've met a lot of cool monster because I guess I'm hard not to noice when I go out at night.
Pet Lumin is my pet mouse. I saved her from a mad scientist, his experiment made her gloow like me and also made her scary smart. Every time I need help with my homewrok I can always ask Lumin, she especially loves Clawculus.
Favorite Activity Taking pictures of everything! Anything can be drop dead gorgeous with the right lightining.
Biggest Pet Peeve People who are always negative! Look on the bright side of life every once a while.
Fav School Subject Ahh-stronomy.I love the night sky and I love to learning what make all the stars glow.
Least Fav Subject Physical Deaducation.I just don't shine when it comes the physical coordination.
Favorite Color Lavander
Favorite Food Baked Alaska,anything that lights up like that has to be yummy.
BFFs Declan Dracae, Heather A Vogel, Grace Reaper and Lagoona Blue


Willow is quiet around large groups of unfamiliar people, but funny and quirky around her friends and family. She is not shy when it comes to her passion for photography and is unafraid to approach a subject. She tends to get along with most people, but in true will-o-the-wisp fashion, treat her badly and she is unforgiving.

Physical Description

Willow has blond hair which fades to a pinkish hue, light blue eyes, and glowing yellow skin. She often wears lavender, as it is her favorite color.shes also very self concious



During her life as a human Willow lived in Britain, but after her rebirth as a will-o-the-wisp she moved to America with her wisp family, which includes a mother and a father.


She is best friends with Heather A. Vogel, Grace Reaper, and Ocianna Angler. Heather and Ocianna can't stand to be around each other, which often puts Willow in awkward situations.


Willow's current boyfriend is Declan Dracae, a foreign exchange student from Scotland

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