Willow Grey


100,504 from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint. But physically, I'm 17.

Killer Style

I pay a lot of homage to past Doctor’s, though I draw most of it from the Eleventh and Tenth Incarnations. Meaning I’ll wear a bowtie, fez, or trench coat every now and then.


A little robot dog I named Baina, based off of earlier models of K-9 mixed with my own knowledge on robots.

Freaky Flaw

Used to be the make-eye-contact-and-you’re-a-statue thing, but the Time Lord DNA I have mutes it a lot. Now it’s mostly the touch-someone-and-send-them-back-in-time thing every Weeping Angel has. Though I have a few gloves I stole- I mean, barrowed from Seraphina that won’t send anyone back a few years.

Fav Colour

TARDIS blue and plain grey.

Fav School Subject

History; Even though it’s been 100,504 years, I’m still interested what’s happened in the past; as most of my young life was spent sucking the life energy out of humans.

Least Fav School Subject

Reading; Shocking, isn’t it? Well let me explain briefly: I do adore it a lot, but I’d like to do it on my own time rather than school, my room has a bigger library anyway!

Biggest Pet Peeve

“Do you sink or swim in the water?” Haha, really funny guys. Thanks for asking repetitively. There’s also the part where everyone calls me a mad girl or insane.

Fav Activity

Reading’s pretty fun, I’m found in my Phone Booth [AKA My own TARDIS] most of the time. But you’ll usually see me with my friends out and about.

Favorite Food

Time Energy, though I’ve cut back on it a bit lately. I love Bananas, Jammy Dodgers, and Tea.

"Oh I need my screwdriver..WHERE THE HELL IS MY SCREWDRIVER-?!" - Willow losing it in a dire situation.

Willow Grey is the daughter of the Weeping Angel and is infused with Time Lord DNA.


Willow tends to be the one described as the 'Mad Girl' or the 'Insane one with goggles' [she sometimes wears goggles on her head just for the heck of it] She's usually the one to turn to in a dire situation, though if it's even too much for her, she'll usually just sputter "I DON'T KNOW, THEREFORE, WIBBLY WOBBLY TIMEY WIMEY" She's willing to stand up for someone she loves if they've been offended by someone else. In a nutshell, WIllow is a friend to all. Unless she snaps, and that's when you should probably start running.

Physical Appearence

Willow is usually portrayed with curly grey hair, eyes, and angel wings. Other than the fact she has lost the quantom-lock over time, she has basic Weeping Angel characteristics besides that.


Note: This history is fanon, and not official at all except for the character's backstory. Willow was a normal Weeping Angel at one point, until she landed on Gallifrey and accidentally sent a Time Lord back in time, which caused her to gain Gallifreyan abilities and characteristics, taking away the quantom-lock part bit by bit. She spent the rest of her young life studying in the Time Lord ways, until the Time War started. She ran off with the Doctor when the Gallifreyan civilization crumbled and has been running with him ever since.

Monster Parent/Classical Monster

"Fascinating race, the Weeping Angels. The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely. No mess, no fuss, they just zap you into the past and let you live to death. The rest of your life used up and blown away in the blink of an eye. You die in the past, and in the present they consume the energy of all the days you might have had, all your stolen moments. They're creatures of the abstract. They live off potential energy." -- The Doctor's description of the Angels.

The Weeping Angels [or Lonely Assassins] were the species of winged humanoids who were usually described as the oldest and lonliest beings in the universe. The Angels had a "quantom-lock" set upon everyone of them, meaning if they looked at another living thing, they would immediately turn into a statue. If an angel looked at another angel, they would both be stuck as statues forever. They were known for either "killing their victims nicely" by sending them back in time through touch and feeding off their life energy until they died, or snapping their necks and taking their voice to communicate their thoughts.



Willow has two parents, two sisters, and one rumoured lost brother.

Willow's parents are Melaney [her mother] and Seraphim [her father]. They usually aren't seen around the Grey household much, as they're "working" almost 24/7, thus leaving Willow in charge most of the time.

Willow's sisters are Oswin and Area. Area looks about 16 and is blind. Oswin is her older sister presumably, but she looks only 15.

Willow has a lost brother, who, according to her evesdropping, was named Malik. He was pulled into the "crack" when was 102,365, or at least physically 23.


"Love is like my first thoguhts on the Doctor; it's like fire, it's beautiful from a distance, but stand too close and you'll get burned" -- Willow on love to Mels and River.

Willow looks upon love no more, as she believes it's just too confusing and causes too much chaos.


Willow's inner circle of friends includes Jace Celine, Seraphina Sorrows [her distant relative], Astrid Daemona, Alyss Speculum, Felica Fright, and Nyla Ix. She looks to her siblings as friends as well, even though they hate each other in at least one way. How she feels about Foxy Tress is unsure at this point in her life, but she's learning to look towards the future and not dwindle in the past.


Willow doesn't have many people out for her, but she finds a few who get her loved ones and friends distraught to be quite irksome.



Willow wears burghandy jeans and royal blue shirt with the saying "Keep Calm and Don't Blink" on it in white, capital letters. She wears black and white, criss-cross suspenders and headband, and white gloves to not send anyone back in time. Her hair is curly, covers most of her right eye, and goes to her shoulder.

School's Out



"I'd probably damned if I was in the sky forever, but being stardust sounds pretty cool" - Willow to Jace.

"OH LOOK, A DISTRACTION! LET'S GO CHECK IT OUT!" - Willow losing it even more.

"Yes, you're on the right track. But I believe the word to describe them completely is fantastic" - Willow on muffins to Jace.

"I like trains, trains are cool." - Willow talking about trains in Charrie Convo. [1]

"Oh Yeah, and I'm a Dalek in disguise to exterminate you all with a plunger" - Willow being sarcastic.

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