Wila Wicked is the daughter of the Wicked Witch.She is 60 in half years old.She is a big fan of the colours green and black.She never wears anything normal looking.Her closest friend is Belladonia McVon Richter.


Wila is very very very sweet and she smile a lot.She's is smarter than Ghoulia even know she look normal but she is the most smartest ghoul in scholl but no one know .She's crazy for wicked book and love's to make new spells.

Physical Description

Wila`s skin is alien green coloured and her hair is bright purple.


Classic Monster

The Wicked Witch.



Wila is the daughter of the Wicked Witch.


Her closest friend is Belladonia McVon Richter.


Wila has a pet bunny called Vocorine.


Wila is not into romance because when she brake up with her BF she feel like she never feel sad.


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