"I-i-i-it w-was this o-or a barbershop q-quartet hat, and I-I prefer to h-h-hide under a-a h-h-hat less s-scratchy."

~Wallace explains his hat.

Wallace Two-Brains is the son of Doctor Two-Brains.


Wallace is rather shy and quiet, never openly admitting his feelings to most anyone. When he does talk, it's usually very quiet and with a stutter. He is extremely observant, however, and loves to take notice of silly quirks in people. Due to his attached mouse brain, he's very impulsive and instinctive, usually when he doesn't want to be; and has an abnormally large fear of cats and all cat-related monsters, ducking and hiding if he ever sees one. He knows it makes him look bad, but he can't help it, mouse brain makes him hide. He can also get really clingy to people if he likes them a lot, or you have some cheese with you. Really, he'll do anything for some cheese. Though meek, he is a bit of a gadgeteer genius, liking to make little knickknacks in his spare time. Nothing interesting, mind you. Mostly wristwatches as of late. He wants to make some proper ray guns like his dad, though. 

Due to his meekness, he can come off as a bit of a doormat, and can get overwhelmed by pressure quickly. He gets frightened very easily, not just by cats, but by anything potentially startling. He's most certainly not one for danger, but frequently finds himself in danger anyhow. Being a supervillain's kid has that effect. He'll go on adventure, but only begrudgingly. But since he's kind of a doormat, he's dragged into adventure anyhow. Poor, poor Wallace.

Physical Description

Wallace is rather pale, with wild gray hair with his second mouse brain sticking out of the top-right of his head. This brain glows sometimes, mostly when injured. He wears a labcoat and mostly gray clothing, save for his yellow rain boots. Why he would wear those is currently a mystery. Pulled over his eyes is a Santa hat, though it's made of a cheap fabric, so he can see through it.



Wallace and his father (Doctor Two-Brains from WordGirl) have an...Interesting relationship. Usually fusing your adoptive son with a lab rat in hopes of him being evil kinda makes people not like you, but not Wallace--He highly respects his father, even if he pays no attention to him from being on some new cheese heist. Not that Wallace minds. He'll eagerly help out if one of the Henchmen is away.


Despite being reserved, Wallace has a few companions. He's pretty close with Clyde Navet, liking to stop in his little forest and play cards sometimes. Even better, he sometimes has cheese danishes for him! How can he pass that up? His other pal is Eddie Mann, even if he sometimes finds her a little bit intimidating. She's fun to look at, and that's always nice.


He is currently dating Vivian King, daughter of the Mouse King. He really likes her, often calling her 'the prettiest one around anywhere' and addressing her either by Miss, Lady, or Mistress. If she returns the affection or not is up for debate.



  • Wallace was the first of Lissamel's OC's to have his profile made before his picture.
  • Wallace is also the first of Lissamel's OC's to be dating.
  • His theme song would be Merry Memory Go 'Round from the video game NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. It captures his shyness near perfectly.
  • His name is a slight refrence--He was named after a different cheese-loving Wallace.
  • The mouse Wallace was fused with was named Linty, since it was found behind a dryer. Linty still has a conciousness inside Wallace, and can take over his body, either if Wallace willingly allows it (which is rarely) or his mouse brain is conked hard enough.
  • Despite Bianca and Lindor having their infoboxes bear their speech quirk, Wallace's doesn't. He shares this trait with Valterra (who replaces all 'w's with 'v'w', i.e., 'V'what is it, v'whats the matter?').
  • Lissa later went on to make an Ever After High OC named Aldrich Oberst, son of the Mouse King. He has no relation to Vivian. Don't be confused.