Wade Voorhees

Wade Voorhees is the 17 year old son of Jason Voorhees and his wife called Daniela. Wade was mostly born with his father's characteristics and father's looks.

Deformed and Mental. He had a big head but was not bullied a lot.

He wears a hockey mask similar to his father's. He was also afraid of water and drowning after slipping off a bridge since he was fishing. As with his father's rivalry with Freddy Krueger, Wade had a huge rivalry with Christopher Krueger at the age of 16.

Early Life

Wade Voorhees was born to Jason Voorhees and Daniela Voorhees on Friday March 13th 1991. Wade was born with some of his father's characteristics a nd he had the same facial features of his father, Jason.

Having severe disfigurements and mental handicaps, Daniela did not send Wade near anyone or to school making Wade homeschooled. Since his father was mute and can't even speak, Wade can speak normally in a deep voice as a child.

When he was 6 years old his father told him to get fish in his camp out. So Wade got some fish but then slipped down a bridge to the water and almost drowned. At least his father helped him out and soon Wade has now a fear of water.


Wade has some personalities collected from his father's blood. Avenging, angry at some point of times, tall, hates Kruegers and never gets harmed at all. He is a brutal lover and loves killing his enemies.

Physical Description

Wade is at the height of 6'8" and is 4 inches higher than Frankenstein Jr. which he is 6'4". Wade normally wears a Mask with a different variety of clothes but his main clothes are a dark green Leather Jacket with rips and holes in it, Black Gloves, Beige T-Shirt with holes in it, Dark Blue Jeans and Big Black Boots. With him holding a machete or Dagger.


Family: Wade is capable of knocking out any stranger that does anything to his family. His father is Jason Voorhees and mother is Daniela Voorhees.

Jason Voorhees-Father

Daniela Voorhees-Mother

Pamela Voorhees-Grandmother

Elias Voorhees-Grandfather

Freddy Krueger-Family Enemy

Christopher Krueger-Rival and then turned to a viperous enemy.

Classical Monster

MM 2

Wade's Father Jason Voorhees before becoming a zombie.

Wade Voorhees is the son of Friday the 13th's Main Antagonist Jason Voorhees.

Good Actor to Portray him in a Monster High Movie

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Kevin Durand is a Good actor to portray Wade Voorhees

Kevin Durand is a good actor to Portray Wade Voorhees in a movie for 3 reasons.He's tall,He's Strong,and he is fast.So i really prefer him to be the actor of Wade in a Monster High.


How Wade Voorhees looks like in Real Life