Vlad is a vampire he used to attend Belfrey Prep.He also has a big crush on Ru.

Age:16 thousand years old but hey I can live with that.

Killer Style:Anything punk yeah I know but it's awesome!

Freaky Flaw:I suck blood like MiMi and the other vampires.

Pet:I used to have a bat but it flew away or was that just papa?

Favourite Activity:writing raps,playing scoccer and practising taekwondo.

Biggest Pet Peeve:None really.

Favourite School Subject:P.E I love sport!

Least Favourite School Subject:History been there done that you know.

Favourite Color:red and black.

Favourite Food:blood!

BFF's:Gory,Holt Hyde, Miyuki Stripe and Kaiko Flame.