Violet Mcflytrap is the half- plant half- demon sister of Venus Mcflytrap. She is older than her sister. her favorite food is herbal tea and she likes mediation in her room. her freaky flaw is that her demonic powers are strongly affected by her emotions her rage is the most evil and dangerous of all her emotions. her most powerful emtion is her pure goodness in her mind and soul.


she is very sweet and can seem cold.

She can come off as being anti-social. but she is really friendly and is nice when she needs to be.

She doesn't have a lot of friends and she wasn't aware that she was a demon until 3rd grade.

Violet wears a dark dress with a blue cape with a symbol of god and devil, she wears blue flats and has purple and pink hair with red streaks, she is petite with pale green skin with a hint of grey.


Violet is friends with all ghouls not just one except she gets along with Spectra and Draculaura because they are both into black.


She lives with her parents and sister Venus and half-brother Austin.


she recently came out as bisexual and is currently dating Manny Taur.

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