Victoria Dolle is the only biological daughter of the Voodoo Queen.


Victoria is a very shy and sweet girl. She prefers to get to know people by hearing what they have to say rather than her trying to explain what she has to say. She hardly goes to any parties and prefers to stay up in her room and sew.

Physical Description

Her skin is litterally layers of scrap fabric sewed together with a simple needle and thread. She has long, straight, ginger hair that's as shiny as nylon. She wears a dark red lipstick, medium-length mascara and a slightly golden blush.



Victoria's only biological family member is her mother, Elisa. Being the queen of all things voodoo, her mother sews hundreds of dolls and then uses her voodoo magic to make them come to life. Victoria also counts them as step-family members.


Frankie Stein, Spectra Vondergeist and Draculaura are Victoria's best friends.


Victoria isn't currently looking for anyone


  • Her origninal name was going to be Violet Dolle