Anyone who reads this will be hung up in my dad's workshop, and will be torn up, and used to make a new doll.

December 23, 2011

My dad got me this...... journal to help.... express my feeling's. Yeah right dad. Look, I know most dolls are raindow, unicoens, and that stuff, but my dad's EVIL. Not exactly goody-goody material. Well, I have a crush o this guy, Darren Wiza, son of the Wizards ( will be up soon!). He's so dreamy. He has shaggy blue hair with yellow flecks, green cat eyes, pale skin with orange flecks, and his robes, combat boots, and charming looks... mmmmm. He shows some sighn of interest, like being all gentlementy, talking to me, and staring at me like I'm the only thing that exists when we talk. What do you think? Should I make a move?

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