Vanessa Tomb


Vanessa Tomb


14000 (in mummy years)

Monster Parent:

The King of Egypt

Killer Style:

I'm a mummy,so my regular outfit is mostly with bandages, of course. I'd love layers of gold all over my pretty outfits. It just decorates very well.

Freaky Flaw:

When my bandages come lose and everyone laughs at me! And, I'm like one of the most popular monsters in the school!


Lura- My egyptian lioness who is always trying to ruin my bed with hair everywhere!

Favorite Activity:

Hanging out with my peeps and reading, sometimes anyway.

Biggest Pet Peeve:

Okay, you wanna know my biggest pet peeve? Fine. It's when Jackson spilled punch all over me at The Dawn of the Dance!

Favorite Subject:


Least Favorite Subject:

Drama- Too much outfits. I've got that more than that!