Girly is my thing.GIRLY,GIRLY,GIRLY. Im a bit clumsy.Well, ALOT. One time in Home ick, I wore my long cape and tripped. And you'll guess where i ended up... Face first in Rochelle's in cake! YIKES!!! I never forgot that. That's why home ick is my least favorite subject. My friends say i always talk about fashion.And yes, Im a bit of a fashionista. But sometimes they're mad at me for making complaints about their outfits.


Im dating Jackson. Are you HAPPY NOW????!!!!!! I love Jackson...Sigh,of all the curdy boys... ( CURDY cute + nerdy = CURDY!!)
Vampia Biter and Jackson Jekyll

Classical Monster

Vampire.Vampires first appeared in the film of Dracula.


Shrieky.I used to have a bat named Shrieky. One time She got loose and never came back........ * Sniff *.

Shrieky.My long lost bat. Call 804456-33334-89786Y IF YOU find her.

I posted lots of papers around Transylvania, my neighborhood,and Monster High. I hope shrieky comes back on her own.

Fav. Color

Baby pink. Didn't i mention it for you?