Valery is Miyuki's sister she is a rebel She is a bad girl and a big girly girl.Her parents are a werecat and a vampire though her real mother is a werelion.

Age:14 just starting vamp years.

Killer Style:Anything ghouly.

Freaky Flaw:Hmm it has to do with this sucking blood out of a human being.

Pet:I'm not allowed to mom and dad say I can't have one.

Favourite Activity:Pranking my little sis Sakura.

Biggest Pet Peeve:My sister Sakura she's so annoying.

Favourite School Subject:Mad Science I like to see things blow up!

Least Favourite School Subject:The rest of the other subjects.

Favourite Color:blue.

Favourite Food:Let me spell it out for you B-L-O-O-D there you go.Do got it?

BFF's:Howleen Wolf,Misty Vondergiest,Vira Blood and Sunny Rise.