Urbi Gorgon is the future daughter of Cleo de Nile and Deuce Grogon. She formerly attended Perpitch


Urbi is spoiled, difficult, arrogant, competitive, selfish, and unkind, but occasionally, she's very kind and generous, but only to certain people. She knows she's royalty, and she demands to be treated as such. She is very athletic, like her father. She is on the fearleading squad.

Physical Description

Urbi looks exactly like her mother (She even wears the same exact make-up!), but with a couple differences. Such as, Urbi's hair is wavy, just a few inches past the shoulder, and has a huge green side bang. She also inherited Deuce's eyes, which come with the power to turn people to stone for the time being. She alway's wears a one-shoulder teal dress lined with gold, gold Egyptian necklaces, gold hoops, a gold headdress, and dark brown sunglasses.



Cleo de Nile

Cleo is Urbi's mother. In the future, Cleo and Urbi are very close, taking frequent shopping trips to the Maul. But in the present, before discovering who Urbi was, she thought of her as a rival.


Edward Wolf

Edward is a childhood friend of Urbi. They have been friends since third grade. It is rumored that Edward has a crush on Urbi.


Urbi claims that she shall never marry, thinking of marridge as limiting, so it is likely she will never date either, much to Edward's dismay