Unimay Corn is the daughter of a scientist who attempted to make a living unicorn out of human parts. She is a 2 day old Human/Unicorn hybrid.

Unimay's Story

It all began when my dad decided to make history and make a unicorn, however a mouse got in and messed up the DNA of "the unicorn" by a piece of cheese half eaten by a human into the beaker. When the scientist came back he poured the liquid onto the unicorn to make it alive. He then shot it with a tazer to give it life and a blinding light shone from the" Unicorn". He looked at me strangely and I looked back at him.

"Where is this" I thought "and why is that man staring at me?"

"Uh hi Unicorn?"

"Unicorn?Is that my name?"

"Wait,you can talk?"


"Err well why don't you eat something"

"What is 'Eating' exactly?"

"well just come with me"

I tried all sorts of things like something called "Tofu" tasted bad but something else called "Cake" was delicious! Everything is sooo new! Dad was really nice once he figured out what was going on.