Season 1, Episode 4
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Fire and Ice
A Very Sweet Ghoul


Unimay really wants to go to Monster Con with Ghoulia, but her dad refuses. So she makes up a fake event she calls "UniCon" in her backyard to prove it's safe to go.But things go horribly wrong when Ethan goes up to her and flirts with her. Unimay's dad,who hates teenage boys believes that there might be guys all over her. Now worried he grounds her to keep her away from Monster Con and double locks her door and windows so she will not sneak out. However, she is desperate to go and breaks the window with her horn. She sneaks off to Monster Con but on the escalator she falls and all of her body parts go flying. Ghoulia offers to call her dad for help but Unimay is afraid of getting in trouble and says to just find all her body parts. When Ghoulia can't find her arm, she calls Unimay's dad despite her saying not to. Unimay's dad shows up and fixes her.Then she apologizes and is grounded for 3 months.

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