Ty Yaga is the son of Baba Yaga. He formerly attended Perpitch.


Ty Yaga is the son of Baba Yaga. He's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Perhaps a little too nice for his own good. He is often taken advantage of due to his inability to disagree. BeeBee, his girlfriend, often describes him as her "sweet, gentile Ty".

Physical Description

Ty Yaga has slightly tanned skin, and pale blonde hair with dark red bangs. His eyes are dark brown.


BeeBee O'Malley

BeeBee is Ty's girlfriend. He gave her a gold promise ring.


His mother is BaBa Yaga. His father is unknown.


His only friends are his pet bats, Edward and Bella, and his "divine, exeptionally beautiful BeeBee".


He is happily dating BeeBee O'Malley.

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