Tura is daughter of the Turacans I type of alien who's planet was destroyed by S.L.I.M.E a space bandit she is also an orphan since her mother and father died but a month after S.L.I.M.E destroyed her home planet she was adopted by Rosalei's family and now a princess like she originally was since her parents were king and queen of their home planet.She also doesn't talk English but she's starting to talk English though she may be getting an English accent.

Rosalei and her

Rosalei is a good friend for Tura she helps her a lot but Rosa is a little jealous that she gets all the attention at home.


  • Age: 15 in alien years.
  • Killer Style: Coats and short dresses.With bright colors.

    she frowns becuase of what S.L.I.M.E did to her fellow turacans

  • Freaky Flaw: Welll my species were born boy and girl but I mainly act like a girl so I'm a girl (turacans are both boy and girl but which ever one they act like they stay like it).
  • Pet: A small shark called Tuna.
  • Favourite Activity: teleporting and playing with Tuna my shark.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: When other monsters bully me because I'm foreign.
  • Favourite School Subject: Alienology. I want to learn more about my fellow aliens.
  • Least Favourite School Subject: Math....
  • Favourite Color: Blue and light green.
  • Favourite Food: Veggies!