Tune it Up is a line by C.A. Cupid.It Features the characters in a preforming outfit and a personalized Guitar
Tune it up


Frankie Stein/Dean Razorback V in black laquer with lightning graphics in the body, fretboard and head. Includes a miniature amplifier.

Opperetta/ Gibson Les Paul in cherry red finish with golden hardware and a miniature amplifier

Jenette Vondergeist/Transparent Guitar

C.A. Cupid/Harp-like Guitar with hearts

Unimay Corn/A guitar made out of mulitple guitars

Cathy Monster/cookie dough guitar with a bite taken out of it

Jacklyn Frost/Ice guitar

Elfanor Tree/Leaf Guitar

Kristen and Cleo de Nile double pack/both have Guitars with Wrapping on them.

Devilina De'vil/Red Guitar with horns

Sal Skellington/Rag doll-ish Guitar

Purrnelope Kitty/White guitar with White cat ears

Skinny McTaker/ Guitar comprised of a Ribcage and Spine.

Operella/Her normal blue guitar

Bonetta Skull/Skeleton Guitar

Amazonia fight/a guitar made of swords

Scythia Reaper/ a white guitar with a scythe for the neck

Baby Vonscareigton/A Yellow and Black Guitar with cat ears and whiskers

Phatomaria Poltergeist/a hot pink guitar that fades to transparent and is covered in purple chains.

Carly Spellmasters/a blue broom shaped guitar.

Alyssa Claws and Atzi Wolf double pack/Alyssa has an electric guitar like Frankie exept black and red Atzi comes with a grey guitar that has a wolf's tale on it.

Isla Spellcaster and Cat/Cat has got a a pink gitaur with a mask and isla has a broom shaped guitar

Dragen Tail/ A green sparkly electric Guitar

Spectra Vondergeist/B.C. Rich Warlock with chain graphics over black laquer. Chain inlays in the fretboard and Spectra's skullette in the head. Includes miniature amplifier.

Phoebe Poltergeist/A red guitar with a pink bow on it.

Bonnie Banner/Selena Hulk/A green guitar with a light green bow on it.

Sophette Star/ A Yellow star bass guitar.

Claire de Nile/ A guitar covered in wraps

Erika Phan /A red guitar with a mask

Fari Fairy / A guitar with wings

maria siren/A guitar with fins

spiritina phantom (cousin of spectra vondergeist)/A transparent guitar wrapped in chains, a lock, shackles and a ball

Gorenna Fangtell/A blood red guitar

Gorella Fangtell/a killer red guitar and a spiky bracelet

rina dash / A rainbow guitar

Venus voodoo / A guitar with Voodoo Pins on them

eve harp /a guiter with wings

spiritina Vondergeist (cousin of spectra)/ a transparenta guitar with chains

willow wilca - a broom shpapped guitar

casey chamoflauge/ A chamoflauge guitar

grizzina stripe/ the guitar with stripez

annabelle Wesker: A guitar with plants and wood

hannah hippogriff: The guitar with wings on them

Nightmarina E. Boogie: da green guitar with horns and black wings

Freda Creeps: A nightmare blue guitar (based on the boogie man)

adi cupid: A harp-like guitar; with hearts

Draculexa-she has the pink eletric guitar

skullia calaveras: a skeletal guitar

daniella long: A dragon tailed guitar

Go ahead and add your character

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