(Artist Note: This page will be composed by the character itself. However, due to his "unique" vernacular, translations will be posted under the primary text. Any text outside of the translation brackets will be spelled improperly on purpose, so please do not freak out over that)

i R slug baby ov awesomez ppls und should be kingz! i so koolz und i rules da skool cuz i R so awesomez!

(Artist: TrollLOL Herpaderp is the son of internet trolls. He has a superiority complex...we think...)


i beez so kools und all dem ozers are haterz cuz dey all no i so koolz und dems not. but dey all luv me 2 cuz ims sooooooooo koolz dat no1 can be haterz 4 long even though dey be haterz BIG TIMEZ YO! I beez watching joooooooooo......all demz times.

(Artist: TrollLOL believes he is the coolest person around and people hate him for being so cool. But they don't hate him because they love him, but they hate him then for making them love him. He 's also "watching you all the time". In reality no one really likes him, if they notice him at all, because he is really REALLY annoying.)

Physical Appearance

i so sexeh dat it hutrz. i R 2 sexehz 4 ma shirt. every1 stares in awe at da beauty dat iz ma face cuz i R so awesomez!

(Artist': Not even close...TrollLOL has a humanoid shape with pale yellow skin. He has a basketball-like head with derp eyes, no nose, buck teeth, and a neon green mowhawk.)

Classical Monster

ur MOM LOLz.

(Artist: Internet Trolls are defined as someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.)


(Artist: would you stop that! We already finsihed this section!)



i 2 awesomez 2 listen 2 dem crazeez!

(Artist: I seriously have no idea here...)


friendz R 4 looerz! i R 2 awesomez 4 dem!

(Artist: TrollLOL is often stupid and idiotic to the few friends he does make. His best friend used to be Mr. Rock, until TrollLOL threw away their friendship over a sandwich...or something like that)


haterz gunna hatez!

(Artist: No one really likes him, if they even take notice of him. Many have tried to "get rid of him" but he always manages to come back...always...)


Cliffina gotts big boobiez!

(Artist: TrollLOL is, for some strange reason, somehow dating Cliffina Red. How or why this happened is anyone's guess.)



i 2 sexeh 4 ma shirt.

(Artist: you said that already -.- TrollLOL wears a gray T-shirt with a "Charlie Sheen WINNING!" decal on it; sometimes the image is downgraded to a smiley face with the words instead. He has blue jeans and gray shoes as well.)


dis soopid. im not telling joo nutin!

(Artist: Uhg, fine, I'll do it myself then >>.)

  • TrollLOL shows up at random times at Monster High, if he shows up at all
  • TrollLOL was originally created for ModGee's "Worst OC Contest", and placed second in the competion; his girlfriend Cliffina took third coincidentally enough
  • TrollLOL has no connection at all to the trolls of the Homestuck series; he was based upon a "generic random troll" KPenDragon created before entering the bad OC contest
  • TrollLOL is oddly enough one of KPenDragon's most popular characters, despite being a random, nonsense creation
  • TrollLOL has his own Ask Tumblr Blog. Feel free to ask him anything, any time, anywhere.
  • TrollLOL is one of KPenDragon's OCs with a distinct unique vernacular; the others are Octavio Cyanide, Cursor Click, Austin Barker, Matt Grimswig, Robby Goodfellow, and Lukas Helson

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