Trianna Tribus
Monster High Student
--none so far--
Age 16
Monster Parent Cerberus
Killer Style Faux-fur, sparkles and Punk-rock
Freaky Flaw I guess my "split" personality which I totally don't have...
Pet Dusk the Butterfly
Favorite Activity Being the top dog
Biggest Pet Peeve My sisters when they tease me
Fav School Subject Biteology
Least Fav Subject Home Ick
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Food Lamb
BFFs Usagi Lunara, Azura Dracon, Cathy Kitsglaze, Hailey Hosman, Moui Muutier
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Trianna is the youngest of three triplets. She's constantly a grump and if annoyed, she shows it well. She likes things to go her way, and if they don't go her way, she makes it go her way.

But sometimes people say she has a split personality. Sometimes she actually can be very nice. She chooses to be nice to the ones that are nice to her, but she will go full-out mean to her sisters, Teresa and Titiana.

She doesn't like to be proven wrong too. Everything she says is apparently right according to Trianna.


Trianna blue-ish makeup and red eyes. She has black ears, but that is because her family. She wears a black parka with blue details, for she wishes to never wear anything red. She has a navy blue bob haircut with a chain headband. She does frequently have bows, but when there are bows, she has chains. She likes legwarmers and often wears them over her feet. And she thinks that most everything looks better with sparkles and glitter.