Transluca Basic and Pet
Transluca Sprinkle is the daughter of the Garden Fairies.


Transluca is polite, caring, smart, and is always happy. She never tries to over-do things, but tries her best! At times, she can be very secretive, but never sneaky. She isn't at all stubborn, inpolite, or 'big-headed' as the Garden Fairies themselves believe in equality and goodness. Transluca is quite shy, but if you upset her, you'll probably know about it, as she hates bullys! She gets along with people who are honest, caring, and most of all, respectful. She loves to study nature, and she is especially good at art, although biology is top of her list. Transluca is very sensitive, and sometimes relies on her friends to take care of everything- but she wishes she was stronger!

Origin of Species

As Transluca is daughter of the Garden Fairies, she shares similar opinions and traits. The Garden Fairies are quiet, and polite, but when something happens, they stick together and work things out.



Transluca has a huge family of Garden Fairies, and they are all very close. She has 5 sisters and 3 brothers, 6 of which she lives with in their huge colony in the Home Tree, where thousands of other fairy famillies live (some may call this a huge apartment of some sort). She also shares her huge home with her Mother, Father, and other relations.


Transluca has many friends including Frankie Stein, Draculaura, and Abbey Bominable, but her closest friends are Lagoona Blue, Spectra Vondergeist, and Breanna Beetlejuice. They all stick together, and help eachother out. Sure, they have their ups and downs, but so does everyone else.


Transluca's pet, Flutter, is a Dragon-Fairy cross breed, who shares similar values to Transluca. Flutter is always happy, and she loves to explore. She's a little cheeky at times, but Transluca loves her to bits!


Transluca isn't currently dating anyone, as she is a new student at Monster High, but she hopes to find someone soon!


Transluca's style is cute, yet not too girly.