"I don't wanna be your slave,Cleo!" Toraline Tigerstripes is daughter of the weretiger.


Name: Toraline Tigerstripes.

Age:15 on the first of my nine lives.

Monster Parent:The Weretigers

Killer Style:Totes wild catty and red.So awesome! Oh and punkalishious styles,too!

Freaky Flaw: Well,stuff.

Favorite Color:Red.

Favorite Food:Chicken wings with BBQ chips.

Pet Peeve:Angelo and Torrance. I like them, but they are so annoying!

Favorite Activity:Hanging out or just napping.

Pet:Charlie, the gargoyle chihuahua. He is stubborn and naive.

GFFs : All of my family and Toralei.

Favorite Subject: Grimnastics. I am very flexible!

Least Favorite Subject: App Tech. I mean, I love apps, but learning how to make them is BORING!


She's a lot like Toralei,except almost never gets caught. She is also a bit protective of people she knows.


Family-Her mom and dad are Terri and Torajames Tigerstripes. Her mother has white fur while her father has orange fur. Torajames is a championship wrestler while Terri is a fashion designer. Her sisters are Teresa and Mewlody,Vivian and Becky, Stripette, and a future sister Stripella which is born in fan fiction Baby Stripella.She also lives with her 9 year old weretiger/lion and simese cat twins.

Friends-All family members are her friends and Toralei. Her normal friends are Meowlody and Purrsephone.

Pet-Charlie, her chihuahua gargoyle. He is energetic,loud, yaps , is naive and stubborn. He is sweet, though.

Enimies- All of the De Niles.


Basic- Her hair style is orange and bob length hair and has black streaks. She has a shirt dress with black leopard print and background is red. She has white Dr.Martens with red cat scratches on them.

Gloom Beach- Her hair is orange bob with bangs and black highlights. She has a red cat scratch bikini. She has a black slightly ripped cover up top. She has black flip flops with a red cat scratch pattern.

Dawn of the Dance- Her hair is in two long orange haired pigtails with red and black highlights. She has a dark orange dress with red tiger stripes. She wears red heels with black tiger stripes. She also wears red long gloves.

Physical Apperence

She is, like her dad, orange. She has white hand and feet, or paws. On her, cheeks, legs, and arms are black markings. Her eyes are green like her dad's. She also has 3 little stripes on the back of her ears.


"Blah,Blah goes Cleo!" She talks about Cleo's blabbering in Werecat Wars:The Cleo Strikes Back. "Torance and Anglo, more like...." Toraline gets cut off in A Wicked Sense of Humor. Aw Maxwell, get your stupid starite!" Toraline plays Scribble Nauts in No More Monkey Business.


Her human name is Coraline Smith.

Her gender bent name is Toby Tigerstripes.