Tonina Delfin is 16-years-old "in dolphin years" and is daughter of the Boto Cor-de-Rosa, a creature from the Brazilian folklore. She was created by Phineasmon302.


Tonina, or "Tony" as some call her, is an extremely bubbly and happy-go-lucky ghoul, though sometimes bordering on clueless and ditzy. She can also be rather stubborn on certain situations, and can burst into tears whenever something goes wrong for her. Although she may look like a spoiled brat on occasions, she has a heart of gold and is always willing to help anyone in need. It is said she transferred to Monster High in order to feel less like a "fish out of water".

Physical Description

Tonina has bright pink skin, dark pink (almost maroon) hair in a duck-butt do, dark blue eyes, a larger nose than most Monster High girls due to her dolphin nature, and other "water creature" characteristics such as webbed hands (a trait shared with canon character Lagoona Blue) and a long dolphin tail protruding from her backside. When underwater, she transforms into a more dolphin-like form, only keeping the hair from her normal form.

Classic Monster

Tonina is the daughter of a character from a Brazilian folklore mythos, the Boto Cor-de-Rosa (in English, Amazon River Dolphin). The mythos says that during St. John's Eve festivities, a particular Amazon River Dolphin leaves the river and takes on the form of a handsome and suave young man in a white tux, as well as a matching hat to hide his face and cover his huge nose. With this, he seduces single women and takes them under the river, impregnating them with his seed and returning to his dolphin form by the next morning. In popular Brazilian culture, this mythos is used either to justify a pregnancy outside marriage or as an explanation for when a child is born without a father. The mythos was also turned into a movie titled Ele, o Boto ("He, the Dolphin") in 1987.