Toni is very caring towards animals.

Physical Apperance

Toni has light brown skin.She has dark black hair.

Classic Monster

The Wolf Man.



Tonii is the daughter of the Wolf Man,A werewolf and has sisters and a brother named Lillian,Lucinda,Tristen and Alexander but she is also related to Howleen and Clawdeen Wolf distantly.


Her closest friend is Xin Flame as well as being friends with Azizi de Nile.She is also friends with some High Schoolers including Holt Hyde,Clawd Wolf,Alyssa Claws,Arsinoe Nubis,Annaliese Nubis and Duece Gorgon.


A baby bear called Spins,he loves sandwiches.


Atzi has crush on a guy named Jiro Flame her best friends brother.



Gloom Beach

Dead Tired

Schools Out



  • "Are you sure this is how you play hide and seek Lilly?" "Yes of course Atzi!" "Then how come I'm in a sack!" Atzi complaining why she's in a sack while thinking she's playing hide and seek while Lilly's trying to give Atzi a bath.


  • This Alyssa101's first wolf OC.
  • Atzi's name is just of Horrible Histories come dine with me Aztec's 5th-Day person's name.
  • Her crush on Jiro is equivlent to the best friends brother thing with Draculaura and Clawd.
  • Her dad is part of a legend by the Ahwahneechee people who lived in Yosemite National Park area.

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