Tommy Sprout is the son of the Killer Tomatoes. Whether he is the litteral offspring of two, or another genetically modifed tomato is unknown.


Tommy is known for his confidense on and off the sports field. He always carries himself with a air of supiriority, and is constantly focused on improving his sports skills. He really has no interest in anything unsports related, whether that is friends or a ghoulfriend.

Physical Appearance

Tommy looks like an anthropormorphized tomato. He has red skin, a green leaf on the top of his head as "hair" and balnk white eyes. If pricked, he will bleed a ketchup-like substance, and has stated before that the sun dries him out, and that he eats plantfood.

Classical Monster

Attack of the Killer Toamtoes was a 1978 movie spoof of classic B movies; it spawned several sequals, spinoffs, and even an animated cartoon. In the film the tomatoes were brought to sentiance by unknown means, however in the sequal it is revealed that a misanthropic villain named Professor Mortimer Gangreen created a tomato transformation chamber by which he can turn ordinary tomatoes into humans.



The familial structure of Tommy's homelife is unknown.


Tommy has a pet ladybug named George.


Tommy doesn't have time for friends, being always focused on his sports carreer. If he does socialize with his peer group, they are typically memebrs of his current sports team (typically soccer).


Many of the other boys in his classes don't like him due to the fact that many of the memebrs of the female student body have very large and very public crushes on him.


Like friends, Tommy doesn't think he has time to date, despite the many offers he's had. He's been known to ask his female team members to school events though, but often abandons them shortly after arriving to talk sports with other, usualy male, team mates.



Tommy wears a green and yellow soccer jersey, as well as soccer shorts, cleets and socks. He's also rarely seen without his his soccer ball.

Night of the Living Dorks



  • Tommy attends Monster Middle School, not Monster High
  • Tommy's name was originally going to be "Tom Maeto"
  • Tommy was nearly made to be Prizma's love interest instead of Oliver Time
  • Tommy speaks with an Italian accent at times
  • Many fans believe Tommy is gay, due to his uninterest in dating
  • Tommy is still a WIP characterization wise, despite being one of the first MMSers

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