Tiffany Tiger is Toralei's cousin but that is the only way they are realated. In the begining the only thing Tiffany wanted was to be her cousin's friend but she soon realized that was impossible. Tiffany soon adjusted to a more independant attitude leaving her cousin behind. With her down to earth and sweet nature she quickly made friends on her own. She even befriended the Werecat Twins.

Basic Tiffany Tiger
Age 15
Monster Parent A Werecat
Killer Style My closet is full of dresses and leggings. I like to add them together along with some accessories for a fierce but sweet look.
Freaky Flaw My tail is always tripping me and other monsters.
Pet Tiger, is my kitten. He's very sweet and loves to cuddle and play.
Favorite Activity I love making friends and helping others.
Biggest Pet Peeve Toralei, she's always so mean to me and my friends.
Fav School Subject Drama, I love making outfits and performing for monsters.
Least Fav Subject Gym, what's the point of throwing dodge balls at each other.
Favorite Color I like wild colors.
Favorite Food Fish sandwitches
BFFs Everyone!



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