Clawssy got a call. "Clawssy, we have a flat tire, so were going to be until arond dinner. I left some steak in the fridge." Clawssy's mother said. Clawssy frowned. "Oh, okay. ." Clawssy said. She hung up. "I've got bad news." Clawssy said. "Mom and dad got a flat, so they are gonna be back at dinner. But we've got steaks in the fridge." Clawssy said. Everybody frowned.

"To straighten everything in this house and do what we are told, the house will be better for mom and dad." Clawssy said. So everyone cleaned up the items from the floors, put them in the right places, cleaned the walls, washed the laundry, put the clothes away, and fixed up beds. They all finished before they ate dinner. They all ate steak, and then mom and dad came in.

Clawssy smiled a lot. "You're home! We all worked hard to straighten up the house, so we did. We dusted, washed the clothes, cleaned our rooms, and a lot of other stuff." Clawssy said. "Wow! Thank you everybody!" Clawssy's dad said. So then, they checked all around the house. "Very clean!" The parents said.

The next day, Howly kept thinking about her breakup. She was sad all day. Clawssy tried to make Howly feel better and comfort her. "Howly, don't even think about it. Just forgot about it! He wasn't a nice guy anyway. I get that tiny thing he did to you, but come on. He's no match for the wolf pack!"

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