"Change is always the norm for me."

Theo Exactly is a male original character who is the son of The Thing from the 1982 film of the same name. He was created by Thenaturals.


Theo is the general stereotypical geek, with an interest in comic books, video games, ‘Coffins and Normies’ (a pastiche of Dungeons and Dragons) and science. He likes to spy on people for the heck of it, and can be pretty sarcastic, but he’s a fun guy overall. He can change into lots of different things, which is good to blend in with his surroundings, but not so good when his clothes are always twice his size in case he accidentally grows too much. He loves to use his iTomb (parody of iPad) to play Pyramid Run or Angry Banshees. This guy is quite sneaky too.

Origin of Species

Theo’s family is based upon the creature known as The Thing from the 1982 film of the same name (and its’ 2011 remake). The film's title refers to its primary antagonist: a parasitic extraterrestrial lifeform that assimilates other organisms and in turn imitates them. The Thing infiltrates an Antarctic research station, taking the appearance of the researchers that it absorbs, and paranoia occurs within the group.



Theo’s family aren’t that in touch with Theo. He has a very shaky relationship with his father, as Theo wants to use his skills for good, his father prefers the path of evil.


Theo is friends with a lot of people. He is good friends with Yolanda Jedi as she is on the prom committee and she doesn't consider him an enemy.


Theo’s pet is a naked mole rat named Karmatic. In Theo’s bio he hints that Karmatic also has the ability to change his form, though he definitely changes colour. His regular colour is a light pink.


People don’t like it when Theo spies on them, but he had no hardcore enemies. He is oblivious to the fact that Joey Doon doesn’t think he’s sensible.


Theo currently dates Fenora Swamp. It can be very shaky, but they are pretty much on right now. Rina Grimmie has a huge crush on Theo and doesn’t know he’s dating Fenora.



Theo wears a blue shirt, khaki tie, black belt, green trousers and grey-blue-white sneakers. He wears a pair of dark blue glasses.


  • "I beg to differ - it sounds miles better on the vinyl."
  • "The invites are precisely laminated with a 15x20cm backing and numerous decorations I didn't bother picking."


  • Pyramid Run is a parody of Temple Run. Angry Banshees is a parody of Angry Birds.
  • He doesn’t have a squeaky voice. His voice is kinda deep.
  • He is considered quite popular as he is dating Fenora Swamp.
  • He is in the prom committee, and is head of communicative operation, so he is in charge of promotion and invites.