The Wicked Witch of the Best Dressed
Season 1, Episode 1
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A pair of black boots are seen walking down the hall. Meanwhile Manny Taur is on a rampage again and Frankie doesn't realize it while she is walking to class. When she sees Manny charging after her she stops frozen in fear. And just when he was about to crush her , someone pulls a wand out and chants "Timeus free


zious" and Manny is frozen in place. The person that cast the spell is revealed to be Zelda Spellcaster. Frankie thanks Zelda and introduces herself.

Then Zelda tells her it wasn't a problem then Frankie asks her to meet her at lunch. Then at lunch Frankie introduces Zelda to Clawdeen, Lagoona, and Draculaura. Then Cleo and Ghoulia come in and when Frankie introduces them to Zelda, Cleo keeps on forgetting her name and calls her "Zoe", or "Zia". Then Abbey comes to the table and is introduced to Zelda. While Zelda is talking to the ghouls, Abbey is distrustful of her as she makes observations about her (Her left arm lays there like a snow tigress ready to pounce. She lifts up one eyebrow when she hears something surprising then both when she is surprised. There's also the occasional flip of the hair. Oh I can tell she is up to something.).

Then after lunch Frankie talks to Zelda about joining the Fear Squad while they are walking to their lockers. Zelda tells Frankie she'll think about then she leaves. Then when closed her locker Abbey is there. Zelda is at first shocked to see Abbey then she admits her distrustfulness towards her. Abbey also tells Zelda that if her plan involves hurting Frankie and the ghouls she will "turn her into ice witch".

Zelda tells Abbey she will do nothing of the sort. Then after she leaves, Zelda's iCoffin rings. The caller has a deep voice and asks Zelda if she has gained the ghoul's trust. Zelda tells her almost and that she'll need to join the Fear Squad. The voice then tells her to do as so and asks if anyone believes Zelda. Zelda says that Abbey doesn't seem to trust but the voice tells her to dismiss it. Then the voice tells Zelda to "keep up your end the deal, and we'll keep ours". "They" then hang up and Zelda sighs.

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