The Skulletes are a monster band that include:Firelight(real name:Niki Sparks), Moonlight(real name: Roaxie Pixlen), Candlelight(real name: Gretta, Fangretta, Luinsky),White Light(real name: Cloe Angelson), and Glowing Light(real name: Lian Glowden). These five ghouls form Monster High's school band as well as the most popular band ever! Firelight is the lead singer, Moonlight is also a singer and a keyboard player, Candlelight is the base player, White Light is the guitar player, and Glowing Light is the drummer.

Firelight's Microphone: the handle is blue and the top is pink.

Moonlight's Microphone and Keyboard: the keyboard is blue with a silver butterfly at the top. The microphone holder is blue, and the microphone handle is blue and the top is pink.

Candlelight's Base Guitar: the handle is black and there is a bat at the top. The strings are pink, and the guitar is pink.

White Light"s Guitar: the guitar is white and in an upside down V shape. The strings are blue.

Glowing Light's Drums: the drums are glow-in-the-dark green and they say Skulletes on them.