The Masked Lantern is a member of the Monster Hunters led by his father Dr. Van Helscream. He is a top agent and given the special task of infiltrating Monster High disguised as a Normie college student working for Monster and Normie unification. He uses his real name of Axel Venator and falls for Nefera de Nile. He uses special weapons to fight the monsters and capture them in lanterns. If he can capture 13 monsters and place them on a magic chandelier then he will be granted great power to erase monsters from the world. He captures all 13 sacrifices but before he completes the ritual his identity is revealed as Axel by Gina Djinn . He uses his army of JackBots to combat her army of animated gargoyles. He destroys Gary Goyles which sends Gina into a magical rage. Van Helscream and Crabgrass arrive to help Axel defeat Gina. On the brink of victory, Axel changes sides and attacks Van Helscream and Crabgrass. He traps his armor which holds his evil and sad thoughts, within one of his lanterns.

The Masked Lantern is later set free by Gillian Sprites after her invasion of Monster High. He is now a sentient being who only obeys Dr. Van Helscream and fights for The Monster Hunters. He is captured in a lantern again after the battle.


A special suit with a sword, laser mitts, shield, jets, and a mask with many functions. His main weapons are pumpkin bombs and JackBots. He uses special lanterns that look like small metal pumpkins until he twists the stem and throws them. Eyes and a mouth then fall out and eat a monster turning them into candles with a similar appearance. He threw a lantern at Jackson just as he was transforming into Holt so the lantern somehow separated them into separate entities.



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