The Lyin, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
Season 1, Episode 3
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Witch Try-Outs
The Fright Witch


Abbey is seen talking to someone about spying on Zelda to see what she's really up to. The person she was talking to is revealed to be Spectra and she agrees to spy on Zelda. Out in the school hall

s, Spectra watches Zelda put lipstick on. Zelda then gets a call from "Them"


on her iCoffin and "They" demanded that she come meet them in the catacombs. Spectra follows her them

When Zelda shows up at the catacombs, "They" walk out from the shadows - and it's revealed to be Toralei and her friends. Spectra is shocked to see this. Toralie then tells Zelda that "She" has been waiting to talk to her all day while the Werecat Twins bring out a crystal ball. In the crystal ball is Nefera. Spectra is even more horrified at this.

Nefera asks Zelda how the plan has been going and she begs her if she could do anything else instead of doing revenge on the fear squad (" Like maybe I can be your personal shopper, or your assistant, or your own servant."). Nefera then threatens Zelda for trying to change her mind and then reminds her of a certain "thing" that Zelda doesn't want the whole school to know about, to which Zelda gives into. Spectra is now more horrified at this that she quickly floats out of the catacombs.

Spectra then tries to explain to the ghouls about Zelda, to which of course they don't believe her. They then tell Spectra how Zelda is their best friend and many more nice things about her. Zelda is revealed to be listening to the whole thing and is crying a little. When Spectra gives up on trying to convince the fear squad, she floats out and tells Zelda if she's happy about what she's doing. Zelda then casts a spell on herself to cover up that she had been crying ( Facious Drieous ) and then walks into the gym.

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