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|name= Jacob Natombie

Rebellious Jacob Mikal Pattinson

Jacob Natombie

|age=Thaht is a personal question!
|killer_style=At a powwow, it's a buckskin suit, and for school, blue jeans and a skull necklace.
|freaky_flaw=As a Native American zombie (Natombie), I can't jump!
|pet=A frog named croaker. I own him since i was a baby brave spirit. His croak has known to be worse than his mild vampire breath. He has vampire breath because Dracula breathed on him.
|favorite_activity=Going to powwows, rising from the dead, and chatting with friends on phone.
|pet_peeve=When some crazy girl tells me that I lived my life on a rez with a graveyard and dining nook.
|fav_school_subj=Math and Home Ick. I'm good with numbers and sewing's actually better than football and cheerleading.
|least_fav_school_subj=Jumping on the trampoline at casketball practise, 'cause I can't jump!
|fav_color= Blue
|fav_food= Garden Burgers. Don't get me wrong, but I prefer them to pemmican and brains.
|bffs=My boy best friends are Deuce Gorgon, Holt Hyde, and Jackson Jekyll. My girl best friends are Frankie Stein, Draculaura, and Lagoona Blue.
|diary=If you read my diary, you will be sentenced to dance. Just kidding, off with your head!

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