"Oh please, I know I'm better than you."

-Her Highness showing off how highly she thinks of her self.

Daughter of the Goblin King

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The Goblin Princess - By Avalon Jane

  • Name: She refuses to tell people and demands to be referred to as "Her Highness" (Classmates have taken to calling her "Princess" despite how much as she dislikes it.)
  • Parents: Her father is Jareth the Goblin King. She does not know much about her mother (nor does she really wish to).
  • Age: 17
  • Killer Style: Anything Flamboyant. She adores Masquerade outfits and most her outfits HAVE to have at least a little lace.
  • Freaky Flaw: There are a set of words that together can 'summon' her elsewhere but as of yet no one's uttered them which she's glad of. (Imagine getting summoned away whilst showering. Not a good thought...) She's also so stubborn to the point that she'd argue black was blue which can mean she can get her self into all sorts of trouble and situations.
  • Pet Peeve: People who say 'no' to her challenges. Loosing. Uncompetitive people. People who flirt with her.
  • Favorite School Subject: Dead Languages, Monster Literature, Music and History of the Undead
  • Least Favorite School Subject: Clawculus, Home Ick, Culinary Arts.
  • BFFS: She much prefers to be alone in school but does have 2 'normie' friends out of school.

Family Life

From a young age she was aware her father wasn't the best 'father material'. He was much too playful, vague and detached. Because of this she grew up to be very independent and serious when the situation called for it to make up for her fathers lack of serious input into her life. Really, she was brought up really by the house keepers; human females and a few Goblins. This led her to have respect for humans (but not much respect for her Goblin underlings).

While she is destined one day to take the throne she really doesn't appear to have that much interest in her fellow Goblins at all. She has much more of an interest in humans and their unusual customs and attitudes. This most likely comes from her fathers fascination with humans (for presumably much different reasons).

When she and her father did share time together she would hear stories about her fathers younger years and 'The one who got away'. While she feels her father is a foolish being she does have a bond with him.


As she got older she did become a lot more playful but possibly not in the best way. She is very competitive and generally never turns down a challenge regardless of the risks involved.
She thinks she's much better than those around her and wont hold her tongue in saying so. She has a sharp wit and enjoys making fun of people. She will ALWAYS speak her mind. Even if she KNOWS it will get her or others into trouble. If she has an opinion she WILL let you know. She also doesn't seem to notice when she puts her or others in danger.
It's generally in her personality not to let people even have a slight chance of getting close to her though some have and are still trying.


  • She thinks highly of her self and often enjoys putting other people down.
  • She currently has no interest in relationships friendly or romantic.
  • She hates the idea of being sent to school with 'common trash' and often begs her father to let her come home.
  • She recalls stories her father told her of a girl he once knew. She's aware this isn't her mother but she still hopes to track down this 'Sarah' one day.
  • She's on the debate team. She was originally going to turn them down until she decided to go on a whim and loved the attention she got from the other members. She's now a full member... mainly just to get her ego stroked.
  • Don't tell her she looks like her dad. Seriously. Don't. She really doesn't like it. She's chopped off all her hair in the past to escape looking like him but subconsciously she always ends up in Labyrinthian style clothes and well, her hair is pretty untameable.


"Did I ask your opinion? No. It would be in your best interests to hold your tongue in future." Outside of the debate team she very rarely listens to other people's opinions.

"If someone shouts "You remind me of the Babe" at me one more time I swear *grumblegrumble*" Her Highness to her self after Heath charmingly tries to flirt with her. Using one of her dad's lines. Not a good idea.

"You're pathetic. But at least you know this. I'll give you credit for that." Her Highness to Oliver C. Reef.



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