The Fright for Freedom
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode guide
I was a Teenage Werecat


Well,monsters and Normies have lived peacefully for centuries as half the world was Normie and half was Monster.However normies decided to come over to the monster side includeing Jackson Jeykkl and Baby Vonkasington.When Jackson descovers he is truely a monster he stays on the monster side of he world.Then Baby is scrached by Toralei and is turned into Baby Von Scareington,a werecat.When The two never come back the normies belive the monsters have captured them and are truely evil.Now the normies have begun to take over the monster part of the world.Can Baby,Jackson,Operella,Bonetta and all the oher Monste High Students save the Monster Side or will the normies take over?Can they possibly make it so both sides can mix?


  • Baby Becomes a werecat
  • Baby starts Crushing on Jackson


Saucera "E.T." Planeter debuts in a cameo.

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