Here is a list of the episodes that take place in Zelda Spellcaster's life. Not only do they include her and the other main characters at Monster High, but they also include other OCs of FireyFoxLover.


Zelda Spellcaster

Zelda is the daughter of the witch and is mostly the maid charcter in the episodes. She first appears when she saves Frankie from being run over by Manny Taur and it was then revealed later that it was all planned by Nefera and the Werecats because they were blackmailing her with an embarrasing photo. Zelda is a kind, good witch who freaks out at the sight of rope (due to her being a witch and people who accused of being witch are hanged) and has fear of fire (because of witches burning at the stake). Zelda is great at casting spells and potions while sometimes she messes up once in a while. She is currently dating Holt Hyde who is also Jackson Jekyll who is her best friend Frankie boyfriend. Zelda also has a little sister named Charry who is the exact opposite of her.

Charry Spellcaster

Charry is Zelda's younger sister and the exact opposite of her. She also fights alot with her sister and has only one friend in school, Howleen, but their friendship is similar to Cleo and Ghoulia. Charry has a sweet tooth (a reference to the with from Hansel and Gretel) and is shown to be a stress eater. She first appears in Hocus Pocus. Later in the series we will find out why she hates her sister so much. Charry also trys attempts to become popular at school but always end with them blowing up in her face.

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