Teresa and Mewlody are daughters of Terri and Torajames,Weretigers.


Teresa and Mewlody.



Killer Style: Teresa:I like stripes. Mewlody: And I love spots! Different, but we are mostly the same!

Freaky Flaw: People who copy each other! You should be original.

Favorite Color: Teresa: I like metallic purple. Mewlody:I like hot pink!

Favorite Food: Fish sticks and Costco Smoothies.

Pet Peeve: Teresa: Mom and dad are never home! Mewlody: Actually, what annoys me is Clawdeen. Teresa:Whaaa.......?

Favorite Activity: Teresa:Doodling. Mewlody:Watching tv with dad and creating fashions with mom.

Pet: Punky, our demon cat. Name describes all.

GFFs:Toraline, each other, and Meowlody and Purrsephone.

Fav Subject:Fierce fashion 101. We love making new school trends!

Least Fav School:Mad Science. We saw blood on tv, but we hate injecting it in undead frogs!


They are nice, intelligent,tricky and sneaky.And on a full moon,watch out for these kitties.

Physical Apperence

 They are white like the mother. They have black stripes. There natural hair color is black.There eyes are icy blue.


Basic-Teresa:She has long hair with a side ponytail. She has a metallic purple striped shirt with a black short skirt. Her metallic purple glittery stockings go with her black heels. Her nail polish is metallic glittery purple nail polish. Her makeup is metallic purple. Mewlody: She has long hair with a side pony tail. She has a hot pink polka dot tee shirt. She also wears black capris. She has black leggings. She has hot pink heels with black dots on them.

Gloom Beach-Teresa: She has long hair with a mettalic purple striped head band. She has a mettalic purple and black sequin bikini. She has a white and black zebra top cover up. She has sparkly mettalic purple sandal wedges. Mewlody: She has long,black hair. She has a pink heels with white polka dots. She has a white and black zebra print cover up top.

Dawn of the Dance-

Rave from the Grave-

Basic 2-

Basic 3-

Dead Tired 1-

Dead Tired 2-


Family- They have the same family as Toraline.

Friends-They are BFFs with Toraline, each other, and Meowlody and Purrsephone. Reg BFFs are Toralei,Frankie,Clawdeen, Draculaura, and Lagoona.

Pet-Punky, the demon cat. Name explains all.

Enimies- They hate hating, but they hate the De Niles very,very much.Plus sometimes Clawdeen bullies Mewlody and becomes the fashion police.


There human names are Teresa and Melody Smith.

There gender bent names are Terry and Mewcoum Tigerstripes.

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