Teralyn is a good friends with Toralei, but doesn't like hanging out with Nefera. She sticks up for her friends and herself (but can get a little defensive at times.) She is mostly cheery and full of energy. Teralyn loves to talk and hang out at the mall. She likes to play with her pet Chester and go on runs with him. Overall she's a really nice, fun girl.

Physical Apperance

Teralyn has gery eyes, light purple fur and dark purple hair. She also has dark purple sripes on her face, arm, and legs. She wears a white shirt and leggings with dark purple vine designs. She wears a grey vest with purple plaid pockets and bangles. Her skirt is an indigo bluejean skirt with beaded tastles at the end. Her belt is silver and has rinestones along the sides. Last is her favorite two-buckle boots. They are grey with two silver buckles on each boot.


  • Mother- Gloria Scar
  • Father- Fred Scar
  • Younger triple sisters- Hadly, Nora, and Katlyn (Kate) Scar
  • Older Brother- Tom Scar


Teralyn 3 001 copy

Teralyn in color