• Age: 15 days out from under my bridge
  • Parent: Trolls
  • Killer Style: At first I only war dirty ripped clothes but now I wear high class fashions.
  • Freaky Flaw: Sometimes I revert to my old ways of hiding under things and snorting.
  • Pet: McDee my pet duck. He waddled under my bridge one day and we've been inseperable since.
  • Favorite Activity: I used to like exploring but now I dedicate my time to being a fashionista and shopping.
  • Favorite Color: Pinks to accent my fabulous skin.
  • Favorite Food: I love caviar and other types of sea food. They always swam under my bridge.
  • Favorite School Subject: I used to like all subjects, especially math, but now I have no time for school.
  • Least Favorite School Subject: All of them.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: When I can't control myself and revert to my old ways. It really upsets Wicca.
  • BFFs: Formerly Ghoulia and Helga but she's not cool so Wicca is my bestie since she makeovered me.
  • BFs: After I broke up with my old boyfriend, I've managed to attract many eyes but HooDude is such a doll!


Teala was originally a shy troll who recently left her bridge. After Wicca gives her a new look she adopts a personallity much like hers. She becomes cruel and mean even abandoning her only friend Ghoulia.


She began attending Monster High shortly after leaving her bridge for the first time. She snorted and liked to hide under things. She befriended Ghoulia Yelps until Wicca Witch came to Monster High. Wicca took pity on Teala and gave her a makeover which turned her into a gorgeous fashionista with a cold personality. She abandoned Ghoulia to become Wicca's lackey. She is told to ask Hoodude out as a way to manipulate her image. She begins to feel guilt and genuine feelings about him. She avoided capture by The Masked Lantern by escaping back to her bridge. She attends a party in Gina Djinn's honor and dances with Hoodude.

She begins her year as a popular and mean ghoul. She deals with her feelings for HooDude and tries to avoid him by constantly mentioning her exboyfriend, Terrence Ogren. However she soon realizes she does care for him and begins dating her much to Wicca's dislike. They stop being friends and she becomes friends with Helga Hunch. She helps fight off Gillian's invasion.