Episode two of Season three, Breanna's first appearence. A new ghoul comes down the hall. Clawdeen goes like, "CAT!" Breanna responds by flipping over Clawdeen, and saying "Just because I'm a cat doesn't mean you can chase me, dog." "So who are you?" Draculaura says.

"AWWW... IT'S MY COUSIN GHOULIA, COVER MY FACE SHE WON'T NOTICE ME!" Breanna passes by. "Hey Cleo." Cleo responds, "Cleo's not here only Zool." "Ummmm......okay, bye." Manny is running down the halls like an idiot, Breanna flips him over. "No horsing around in the halls, and that goes for you bull." frankie says "Wow, how did you do that!?" "It takes a lot of practice when you're the next to the throne" be continued.

episode tangled wrapes

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