Sweetie Candy is a candy-loving girl! She is one of the girls who became friends with Ida McLeprechaunson.

She is funny girl. People pick on her because she is the daughter of a Candy Monster. Her bff never picks on her.


Sweetie mostly wears anything with candy. But, her favorite candy out is a blue cottoncandy school dress, blue high heels, and a blue cottoncandy headband.



Sweetie lives with her beloved parents in a candyworld house. Her parents designed their house. Their definetly sweet-tooths!


Sweetie's only friend is Ida McLeprechaunson. They are awesome bff's! They also are neighbors with Operetta.


Sweetie is dating her new and first boyfriend. His name is Manny Taur. She broke up with him since he was mean and now her new boyfriend is Ryan Road.

  • PET:

Sweetie owns a tarantula name Cottoncandy. She adores her pet. Sweetie says that Cottoncandy is candy-licious!


The Candy Monster is a monster made entirely out of candy. It is not a popular monster that people mostly hear about. Not much is known about it, also.

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