This doll line features some of the Monster High students hanging out in summer break. This doll line was created by the same ghoul who introduced:Phantomaria Poltergeist, Roseforatue, Clawdia Howlson, Boogina Fright, Goblina Fright, Deathony Reaper, Kim Reaper, Scarold Crow, Abe Bominable, Harleen Quinn, and Carly Spellmasters. I also created the doll line Monster Prom. Feel free to add you OCs.(limit the amount though, I've only added four of my characters to this doll line.)

Characters In this Doll Line so Far:

  1. Phantomaria Polteregeist
  2. Deathony Reaper
  3. Carly Spellmasters
  4. Scarold Crow

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