6th September

It is the start of a new school term.I got all my books ready and everything.Plus a new outfit.I cant wait to see Holt again, I missed him over the summer break.He is my closest mate and we never keep secrets away from each other.As I was packing away my folders in my locker,Draculaura bounced up to me to tell me the news about everyone meeting in the club on Friday to celebrate passing the first week of school.I saw Holt near my locker, but as I was just about to say hi,Frankie came up to him.He seemed kinda sad when she walked away.I heard my phone beep.I got it my cell out of my bag and the Ghostly Gossip Blog updated me with some great news.Or so I thought.It was about Holt and Frankie breaking up.Oh ghost! I never expected this to happen.And also it was on the first day of school term.I turned my head up to see if Holt was still there,but he was gone.

7th September

(More Soon xx)

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