Stella de Nile is the 16 year old daughter of the Egyptian Queen.This character was made by Mermaid Melody Fan Forever.


Stella is very trustworthy and loyal to her friends.When her friends are upset,Stella is always there to cheer them up.She is friends with everyone at Monster High apart from Frankie Stein.She is not good friends with Frankie because it annoys Frankie that Stella and Holt are really good friends.

Classic Monster

Egyptian Queen`s are very important and regal characters.



Stella is the daughter of Queen Gasasi and Stella has a sister called Azizi.When Stella`s father Parahoh Hapu mysteriously vanishes,Queen Gasasi goes looking for him and leaves her two daughters with Hapu`s friend Echidna (not knowing that she is Hapu`s ex wife).Echidna and Payna move in to Stella`s home and they look after Stella and Azizi.Echidna is only looking after Stella and Azizi because she wants Hapu back and her reign on the throne.She crams Stella into Azizi`s room so Payna can take Stella`s room.


As Stella is popular she is friends with a lot of Monster High Students.Stella`s best ghoul friends are Draculaura and Lilly Cold.Her closest friend is Holt Hyde because they known each other since they were small.


Stella`s pet snake is called Shimmer.Shimmer is sea blue in colour.


Nothing is known yet.



  • Basic Stella

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