StellaskullStella Gorgon is the daughter of Stheno. Like every gorgon, she is able to turn people into stone with her gaze.



Stella used to be a wallflower and on the side of her cousin and best friend Ed, she still is. She is silent and prefers to let the others talk for her. She thaw a bit when her sister Viperine, who is a makeup artist, pimped up her appearance and she got some positive responses by guys that usually overlooked her when she was with Ed. After that experience she is becaming more self-confident day by day.


Stella has hair of green, living, venomous snakes. Her skin is light green and scaly on her forehead and on her lower legs. The rest of her skin has a normal skin tone. She usually wears red sunglasses behind which she hides her dark green eyes most of the time.



Stella is the daughter of the Gorgon Stheno, who is Medusas and Euryales sister. That makes her Viperine Gorgon sister and the cousin of Deuce and Edwina Gorgon.


EdFrameHer cousin Edwina is like an older sister for Stella as she sees her biological sis Viperine rarely due to her job at hauntlywood. Ed and Stella were inseparable when they were younger and even now they are rarely seen without one another. They share the same taste in both style and boys what makes their relationship brashly as Edwina is stealing away all her "potentional Boyfriends". But she can't even be mad at her as she doesn't know about that.



  • Stella was created on 9th March 2013 by bigrika and adopted by FanFicGal on 3rd August 2016
  • They both are the first and so far only OCs by bigrika, who are related to canon characters.
  • She has been made adoptable on July, 1st, 2016