Stanley is a sweet guy. He is leader on the Monster High Baseball Team. Girls would do anything to have a guy like Stanley. Even though he is athletic, he is a quiet guy. He is even more quiet than Jackson Jekyll. He is a nice guy when you get to know him.


Stanley wears his killer style: ALL BLACK! His shirt is black, his skinny jeans is black, and his converse sneakers are black! His hair is black, also.



Stanley doesn't see his father too much, because his father works as a Marine in the Military. He lives with his beautiful mother.


Stanley is friends with Quil Liphoth. He is best buds with Stanley!


Stanley is currently dating Saturn Goaty. She is his first girlfriend. They are such a cute couple!

  • PET:

Stanley owns a Komodo Dragon. He rescued it from the wild. If you get it mad, er, he will use his poisonous bite.


Reptilians are humans with reptile-like features, and they're found in many aspects of mythology, from the Greek god Boreas, a man with serpent legs, to Chinese dragons. Even the serpent found in the book of Genesis in the Bible might be considered a reptilian, since the text sometimes describes it having legs, and it's associated with Satan. But are reptilians just a legend, or do they really walk among us?-\LostTapes

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